Fun, whimsical, inspiring, with each season telling a story and taking you on a journey through designer Kristin Nystrom's characters. Gardner and The Gang is one cool clothing line you MUST know about.  All garments are super soft, super cozy and extremely fun and playful. 

We were HONORED when Kristin Nystrom, the owner and founder of Gardner and the Gang spent time across the country to answer our questions and give us an inside look into her brand and the excitement of what's to come next season. 

Gardner and the Gang

How did you launch your brand Gardner and the Gang? We launched the brand in 2012 inspired by my daughter in a combination with my huge interest in fashion and illustration.

Where did you learn to draw and create your prints? I went to art school in Singapore. Raffles Design Institute.

What inspires you? People and Life

Favorite brands? For Children: Christina Rhode, Hugo Loves Tiki, Caroline Bosmans.  For Me: Gucci, AcneStudios, Bow Label, Ganni, Vintage Levis 501( obsessed) 

Favorite place to travel? I love New York but for Beaches I think I choose somewhere in the indian ocean.

I know you’ve lived in a few places, what has been your favorite place?   Looking back I have picked great memories from all places and feel extremely grateful for the privilege it is to have experienced many different cultures. I lived in Singapore for 9 years and just moved. South east Asia is quite something and will always be in my heart.

Biggest challenge you’ve run into running your own business? Self doubt

Gardner and the Gang

Any advice for anyone looking to launch their own brand? If you have an idea you feel is solid, - go for it 100%  ( and believe)

How has motherhood changed your prospective on your business? I was always a mother while having my business. But I think my way of looking at my business keeps changing as I grow and mature. I feel more relaxed in some ways and more aware and stressed in others.

Did becoming a mother change your perspective on the world? I used to be very carefree and unafraid. This has somewhat changed and I feel being a mother has made me more careful and aware of the preciousness of life.

What app most changed your life? Instagram ( haha)

One tip: Do one thing every day that scares you.

We are obsessed with your latest collaboration with Jamie King, The Lion Heart, how did that come about? Thank you!  We mutually created this collection with lots and lots of love and passion and it truly means a lot to us both. Jamie and I became friends on Instagram and started to discuss a possible collaboration that came to life in 2016.

One item you can’t live without? It would definitely be a lot harder without my Asthma Inhaler.

Favorite go to gift for your kids and bestie? An experience that we do together. Memories are the best gifts.

We cant’ wait to see what you have in store next.. any fun insights? For this year there are a few really exciting new projects in the pipeline.  For now all I can say is please keep us on your radar, we will soon reveal the first step ;) 


Gardner and the Gang Lion Heart
Gardner and the Gang
Gardner and the Gang wall

About Gardner and the Gang

Gardner and the Gang©is a children's clothing  line by  Kristin Nystrom, a Swede living in Singapore. All garments are super soft,comfy and play friendly with a high dose of fashion.

Kristin draws all prints and makes characters that all have a story to tell. We love to come up with different themes for each range, ones that children and parents alike can relate to and fall in love with. Our original art is all hand-drawn, and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed on organic cotton.