In our constant search for the perfect gift, we stumbled upon this amazing brand. Inspired by travel, adventure and the colors of the world, Legend of Lido pouches are our favorite go to gifts. 

Legend of Lido was launched by west coast native, Krista Lissner and east coast native, Benita Litt.  Beginning with the idea of creating the perfect travel pouch, Legend of Lido has since evolved into a collection of travel-inspired carryalls for everyday use.  Every bag is designed from an exotic, one-of-a-kind print inspired by the world's vibrant colors and whimsical essence.  They are perfectly designed to mix and match with one another and come in a variety of sizes. 

We sat down with Legend of Lido founders, Krista and Benita to find out what how they launched her brand, the best business advice they've ever been given and their favorite brands. 

Legend of Lido

How did you launch your brand? We were inspired to launch Legend of Lido because we wanted to create a line inspired by our travel. Our product is designed for the global nomad. All of our designs capture the amazing beauty we have seen traveling, whether it's through the vibrant colors of our prints or the nature we see first hand. 

What inspires you/keeps you inspired? TRAVEL!!!! We are a travel inspired brand. We take inspiration from our travels and use it for our prints and vibrant colors / moods of designs.

What’s the best business advice you were ever given?  Don't try to wait to launch a brand or idea until it is "perfect", instead just go with it and have faith in your idea. 

What is the biggest lesson you've learned as you run your business? We have two! Be authentic & don't take no for an answer.


Every woman should own? A great pair of sunglasses - our favorite LA based sunglasses store is Alexander Gray Optical - best selection!

What are your favorite brands? Banjanan, Natalie Martin, LemLem, Boys & Arrows Swim

One item you can't live without? Our morning cup!

What's your favorite app? Or app that changed your life? Dark sky - the most accurate weather planner that we have found in the app world. Plus, it's great for our travels because helps us figure out what to pack!

Favorite place to travel?  Sicily. The photo provided is of Benita, co-founder of Legend of Lido, in the streets of Sicily this summer. 

Happiness is? Waking up in a new city for the first time 

One tip? Life's to short to drink bad wine 

Your favorite go to gift? A Legend of Lido pouch..... of course! :)

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