Photos Curtesy of Morgan Smith 

Photos Curtesy of Morgan Smith 

Anyone else counting down the days until summer? With beach and pool days around the corner, we can almost taste summertime. We've been obsessed with Minnow Swim since they launched last year, obsessing over their classic ruffled one-piece. Their suits are timeless, modern, simple and offer such sweet romantic colors that make you want to get whisked away to the beach.

Meet Morgan Smith, the founder and creative director of  Minnow, this Laguna Beach resident has an eye for adorable swim wear and we were so excited when Morgan agreed to be featured on our site. This brand is definitely one you need to know about.  Made and designed in California and crafted to be worn over and over again, you will fall in love with your mini in this suit. 


How did you launch your brand? My background is in premium product marketing, I had always worked for brands that I was passionate about/believed in but knew someday I wanted to create a brand of my own. After my son was born, I began consulting to allow a more flexible work scenario to be with him. Because of the freelance work, I was able to work anywhere. So we did a home exchange in London one summer, the inspiration for minnow came to me while abroad. I was searching for a swimsuit mid-summer for my son, and wasn't happy with the lack of options. Since the beach was our lifestyle back home, I thought it was time for more classic, well-made, simple options for my boy --- and girls!

What inspires you? Definitely my children, a la minnow ;) but really everything around my from a great conversation, being around talented friends, a great book, to traveling to a new place I haven't been before.

Favorite Brands? I love brands that have a true, authentic identity. Clare V. does an incredible job. I always love brands that value the details and the experience.

Minnow Swim

Biggest Challenge of running your business? It never stops. No clocking out. I had a very nice maternity leave after my son was born (while I was working at Bugaboo) and after Georgia, I was on a photo shoot 2.5 weeks postpartum. (Luckily though, she gets to be with me).

Best advice you've ever been given? Do what makes you happy, live your best life, be present (all cliche and all so so true!)

What app changed your life? For Business: Shopify + Instagram (Honestly my husband always tries to get me on apps that will simplify my life but I am still a handwritten to-do list girl)

One tip? I feel like were really fortunate in this digital age, to be able to create the life we want. If you want to work, but be at home with your can! If you want to live in Australia half the year, or raise your kids on a farm but still bring in an income online, you can. The arrangements are endless, and I love that. I feel really grateful, and I plan to utilize this era we're in. 

minnow swim

Your biggest aha moment?  When the idea for minnow came, I waited for that feeling for years but it came organically which i think is key.

Happiness is? For me, being with my family + traveling. The two together is my happiness. 

Favorite go to gift for your kids, bestie or husband? I love buying people experiences as gifts. They truly last forever ;) For mother's day i bought my mom, a boat ride to Catalina island -- she used it the next weekend!