Meet Samantha


Why we asked Sam to be a Guest Gifter....

While I've only known Sam for a little over a year, I feel like I've known her for so much longer. She's witty, always smiling and is that friend you can count on at any moment.  She's multitasking a million things (always), including being a wonderful mom to her two young kids. She's thoughtful, kind and has a great eye for some of the best gifts.  She's been such an inspiration to me as she's always seeking new adventures and finding new places we can dine and shop in Los Angeles.  She also has some of the best MOMMY Hacks EVER.

Check them out HERE AND HERE


Samantha is an Actress, Writer and Content Creator. Oh and she claims she can beat almost anyone at Tennis. (she was a top ranked Canadian junior back in the day). 

She currently resides in Venice, CA with her husband, dog, and two adorable boys, Ryder and Asher. 

As an actress Sam has appeared in numerous feature films and TV shows both in Canada and the US. She has performed on numerous stages including LA’s UCB Improv Stage.

Samantha was just recently nominated as Best Actress in Comedy at LA Web Fest, for her appearance in Season 2 of Dogs & Me . Samantha has also recently appeared in a few shows for Awestruck Network

She is also currently working with Nylon Magazine, creating digital content and appearing in their videos.

Samantha is making a name for herself in the “mom” space, creating comedy content and style content geared at to the millennial mom.

You might have recently seen Sam in commercials for Toyota Prius, DSW and Comcast or in print ads for Sony and Belly Bandit.