Meet Nicole Snyder



Nicole Snyder is a television writer and self-proclaimed shopping addict, best known for creating The CW's RINGER (with her long term writing partner, Eric Charmelo). She is also the writer and producer of The CW's long running series "Supernatural", NBC's "Midnight Texas" and the upcoming Freeform series, "The Bold Type". When she's not writing, Nicole loves shopping for presents! She believes that nothing is more satisfying than seeing the faces of her loved ones light up, as they unwrap the perfect gift! Her biggest influences are her fashion forward daughters Olivia and Delilah, her Macgyver husband Bob, and her stylish friends who keep her on her gift giving toes! 


J Crew Vintage Pajama Set

I may be slightly melodramatic, but if J Crew stops making these classic pajama sets, I will cry.  They're soft, comfy, chic and the perfect gift for your best friend or sister! You can also have them monogramed, which is an extra special touch! 



 R13's Kim Gordon Boy T

This is for the friend who has it all. In our current political climate, I love the message... and how super soft and effortless it is! 

Gifts for Baby




Newborn Auburn Dr. Martens

I just gifted these little Dr. Martens to my friend's fourth baby! I think it's the prefect present for a little one who's saddled with hand-me-downs and needs something special to make that onesie pop. A funky, fun throw back!

gifts for him

NES Classic Edition

This Nintendo classic system is perfect for my husband-- a video game lover and child of the 80's! And he could actually get me to join in, because this system can play Super Mario Bros!

gifts for her

Sister of Los Angeles Rocks Glasses Canyons Set of 4

My favorite cocktail is an Old Fashioned, so I'm always on the look out for a good rocks glass. I first saw these at The Broad museum in Los Angeles. I keep them in my office, along with a bottle of Buffalo Creek bourbon, in case of writer's block.

Gifts for Kids

Girls Valen Floral Lace Tights

Because I'm a disciple of early-era Madonna, I approve of any lace tights.  These are great, because they have a soft biker short top, so my girls won't complain about itchy tights!

gifts for her

A.L.C. Pedro Star Blouse Dress

I'm obsessed with this dress. So, I'd gift it to myself! It is perfect thing to throw on when the clouds part and spring appears. Not to mention, versatile. You can wear this all day with a pair of Adidas, then move to night with some booties and a cute, cropped jacket!

Gifts for Her

Alexis Bittar's "The Boy Is Mine" Liquid Gold Cuff

I've had a long love affair with Alexis Bittar jewelry. It is gifted to me by my husband for every special occasion. I also like my fashion to include a little kitsch and this liquid gold cuff does the trick!

Gifts for Her Gifts for Him

John Kelly's Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels

Nothing is more perfect than a bag of good ol' M&Ms... except maybe John Kelly's artisan chocolates.  Our family likes to grab weekend brunch in Hollywood and visit the Sierra Bonita shop to pick out a treat or two. But if you can't make it to the store, they have a convenient online shop! My favorite are the semi-sweet chocolate caramels with Hawaiian sea salt. But just about anything they make is delicious, not mention, beautifully boxed!

Gifts for Kids Gifts for Her

Adidas Superstar Shoes

I'm a crazy Adidas fan. And a pair of Original Superstars with pink stripes? Done and done.  This is such a good gift for my cousin, Lauren, who shares my love of Adidas! And for under a hundred bucks, I can get a pair for myself!